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Deliver the shopping experience that your customers have been waiting for.

Get the most advanced web store with accelerated Magento deployment and best-in-class features managed by a specialized e-commerce team. Webly gives you complete control over every aspect of your store.

Make Buying Inevitable.

Providing an effortless shopping experience is a tough challenge.

Not one, but many challenges — be it finding skilled resources, reducing time to innovation, cost of learning, design iteration, technology practices, marketing. Webly delivers and manages e-commerce using modern, agile and comprehensive platforms across the board. We'll keep bringing your customers into an experience that is optimized to meet their needs.

We’ve invested extensive time and experience in adapting e-commerce technologies & strategies to work better for an Indian audience. By closely monitoring and studying leading e-commerce players we’ve implemented features that will enable you to immediately see dramatic improvements in revenue, engagement and conversion rates.

Get in touch with us and we'll help you take the next step

Technology that's business ready.

Bring home the commerce experience that powers some of the worlds biggest stores.
You need Magento, a serious e-commerce platform trusted by more than 150,000 merchants.

Our Magento deployment delivers the most important commerce functionality you need with support for specific functional requirements, integrations with third-party systems and easy expandability.

With over 4 years of technology experience, we inherently deliver better functionality, better performance and efficiency.

Your minimum viable e-commerce plan

Will have your customers coming back for more.
Our experienced analysts will prioritize your requirements and build your minimum viable e-commerce plan.

With our industry agnostic roadmap, we'll rapidly take you to market with a future-proof & scalable commerce experience that delivers what your customers expect the most.

We do this by understanding both - the business and marketing plan. Most importantly, how to deploy technology to bring the two together.

  • Information Architecture
  • Requirements Planning
  • Competitive research
  • Minimum Viable Launch

Hits don't always lead to revenue.

Change the Path.
The consumer experience has to be managed at all times.

Our monitoring team understands what your customers respond to and implements technology to continously test and understand customer preferences.

We have a proven track record of reducing customer acquisition cost, total cost of ownership and bringing in economies of scale.

Go from Minimum Viable to Best-In-Class.

Let our servicing experts walk you through the challenges you're like to fail at the most.
Our e-commerce services team and partnerships augments your internal team's skillsets to ensure you have the tools and personnel to enable e-commerce everywhere.

We have the backing of SEO Experts, Dynamic Ad Networks, Remarketing Platforms, Social Media Expertise, Market Data, Technology Tools & Infrastructure to ensure your continued success.

Webly's talented professionals expertly guide your venture from proof-of-concept to on-going growth implementation.

No Compromise E-commerce

If your business is serious about e-commerce, you need -
Best-in-class Design

Leave templates behind. Your goal should be an experience shaped to individual consumers, not a static, one-size-fits-all experience. Our design makes that happen.

Fast Experience

Nobody likes to wait. Visitors have developed an expectation that purchase will happen quickly, and if not they will move on. Our usability practices, checkout process & delivery optimization maximizes user experience and performance.

Complete Engineering Control

Built around newer Web standards like HTML5, REST and unobtrusive Javascript. Solid Model-View-Controller (MVC) completely integrated, allowing clear abstraction between business logic and view code. Our e-commerce suite is engineered for expansion, extension and scale.

Open Source

Improve speed to market, cost of ownership and benefit from the work of some of the most cutting-edge, large-scale companies. There are thousands of libraries that give our stack almost any feature you could think of. Allowing our team to focus on innovation.

Ready to not compromise?

Search Engine Optimization

Establish a site architecture that can compete with leaders in your space. Our fine-grained SEO control, meta-generation, in-site linking,canonical strategy and clever integrations ensures maximum crawling and indexing.

Marketing Ready

Advanced marketing features to boost sales and retain customers. Our e-commerce tightly integrates livechat, promotions, A/B testing, dynamic content, newsletters, promoted products, coupons, abandoned cart, loyalty programs, store credits.


Complete ownership and hassle-free licensing gives you unlimited possibilities. No room for vendor lock-ins, data migration crisis or legacy systems.

Multichannel Possibilities

Commerce is an increasingly technologically enabled process that will go on in any number of touchpoints. Our open API's help monetize anywhere.

Backed by a fully equipped team

Having successfully carried out e-commerce and web implementations, our professional services team has the experience to manage your platform towards continued success.

How can my business work with Webly?

Never sold online?

For businesses that need to build their online store with a powerful, flexible platform and need a team that will enable their growth and success.

  • Envision an e-commerce strategy that leverages your business strengths and does not constraint your internal resources.
  • Create an exciting user experience powered by a future-proof commerce architecture.
  • Setup of necessary payment processing, logistics, order management, customer feedback and server infrastructure.
  • Receive detailed, hands-on training on store and customer management.
  • Plan and execute cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Measure, monitor and evolve your webstore with our dedicated support and platform management.

Already selling online?

For businesses that are not performing well online or have outgrown their current online store.

  • Study current scenario to analyze how your store can attract, convert and retain more customers.
  • Create a strategy to evolve (or abandon) your existing architecture.
  • Receive detailed, hands-on training on store and customer management.
  • Plan and execute cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Measure, monitor and evolve your webstore with our dedicated support and platform management.